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ProComps Pro-Metabolic Nutrition System


Product Short Description

A nutrition and lifestyle system for faster and healthier fat lost for EVERYONE

This book contains research and information on how we use delicious Pro-Metabolic Nutrition to get spectacular results. It covers burning fat, improving metabolism and balancing hormones. The E-book provides information about how hormones effect fat burning or fat storage, details about which foods work for you or against you, lifestyle and environmental factors that you can control, several sample meal plans and strategies that can be applied now.


As coaches, we see too many dieters destroying metabolism, health and wreaking havoc with hormones by under eating, cutting carbs or entire food groups. It does not need to be this way. This book written with everyone in mind and is not just for competitors. Information found in this e-book:
  • How we use Pro-Metabolic Nutrition to eat more nutritious food, increase calorie intake, increase metabolic rate and create a healthy great looking body.
  • Information on metabolism. How to improve it, how to heal it and how to identify a damaged metabolism. We explain a simple test you can do at home to measure your thyroid gland functioning.
  • We go into detail about the specific foods to eat or the foods to avoid. The E-book also describes specific dieting strategies used to shred fat.
  • We explain the science used by endocrinologists to understand how nutrition and lifestyle impact estrogen, thyroid gland and cortisol levels. The E-book provides details how to apply this research to achieve a healthier and leaner body. Reducing cellulite, bloating, mood swings and fatigue strategies are all covered in this E-book.
  • We explain why and how we focus on your health and hormonal balance FIRST and help you understand the relationship between hormones and fat loss. We recommend the best strategies to help balance hormones to achieve a leaner, healthier body.
  • We explain how to prevent food cravings and rebound weight gain. Too many traditional diets result in developing a dysfunctional relationship with food. We will explain how Pro-Metabolic Nutrition prevents this.
  • Several sample meal plans are also provided to illustrate how we design a balanced Pro-Metabolic nutrition plan.
  • We share the training principles that work to chisel your body, build muscle and explain why we do not promote cardio.
  • We teach you the powerful mindset secrets we have discovered to achieve success.
A healthy body with a fast metabolism will lose fat effortlessly. Forcing fat loss from a stressed, damaged body is a miserable experience. Our focus loses fat healthily and easily by increasing the rate at which your body burns energy instead of losing weight by dieting, starving, over-exercising and stressing your body. Buy now!!! And learn how fat loss favours a fast metabolism to create a great looking body!


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