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Expect serious strength gains. Basic 5×5 compound exercises, then finish with a high rep burnout isolation round.


  • This is a version of the 5x5 training protocol which has been around for a long time (Madcows and stronglifts) and used by many athletes from world class strong men to Olympia champions and is even included in Arnolds Schwarzenegger’s Encyclopaedia of Modern Bodybuilding.
  • ProComp has adapted this Strength training protocol to maximise the fitness/figure/bodybuilder requirements.
  • The heavy compound sets for strength and muscle gains and the isolation high rep finisher to condition and chisel.
  • It is a great protocol for off season as it focuses on low rep compound exercises for strength gains with some isolation movements to ensure a symmetrical and well developed physique is chiselled.
  • Each set is performed 5 times for 5 reps. This INCLUDES warm up sets. Each set you MUST increase weight. You do not do all sets at the same weight.
  • Each week you MUST add weight to your 5th
  • Starting too light is better than starting too heavy.
  • Focus on technique and only breaking PBs on last set.
  • It is these small increases which ensure your progress through this program.


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