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  • 8 x weekly meal plans based on pro-thyroid, anti-estrogenicPro-Metabolic food with 2 options for each meal.
  • Heal and improve metabolism and hormonal balance.
  • Based on the documented and published research of leading U.S. endocrinologist, Dr. Ray Peat.
  • Break the cycle of low calorie, low carbohydrate eating habits and reset metabolic set point.
  • Eat MORE of the right food and potentially get leaner during the process.
  • No to minimal cardio.
  • Includes our 10 best strategies to reduce hormonal imbalance.
  • Includes Pro-Metabolic food selection guide.
  • Includes information about estrogen, PMS and cellulite…and what to do about it.
  • Includes information about metabolism, thyroid and health indicators to be aware of.
  • Includes a ProComp progress sheet to record results.
  • Several different starting calorie ranges to choose from.

This program is ideal for those with down-regulated metabolisms from over-dieting, over-exercising or low carbohydrate eating. The meal plans will help you heal and increase metabolism so you can more food (including delicious carbs) without putting on weight.

These plans are also fantastic to help balance estrogen dominant symptoms such as stubborn lower body fat, cellulite, PMS and mood swings. Estrogen is a major factor in many women’s weight loss struggles.

THE PRO-METABOLIC 8-WEEK HORMONE BALANCING PROGRAM. Fat loss, vitality and health FAVOUR a balanced hormones and a fast metabolism.

This program uses calculated and precisely designed nutritional strategies to help heal and improve metabolism and hormonal balance. Hormones are pivotal in whether the body burns fat or stores fat. This can be a more important factor than how many calories or carbs are eaten.

We are continually seeing women who have struggled with weight loss, cellulite, lower body fat, low energy and poor moods achieve SPECTACULAR results from Pro-Metabolic Nutrition and balancing hormones such as estrogen, thyroid, cortisol, progesterone and insulin.

These meal plans are ideal for those with down-regulated metabolisms from over-dieting, low carbohydrate eating, over-exercising, ill health and stress. The plans are also perfect for those that experience estrogen dominance resulting in cellulite, stubborn lower body fat and PMS issues.

When focusing on improving metabolism, hormonal balance and health, the scene is for effortless fat loss. Trying to lose weight with a slow metabolism and hormonal imbalance can be difficult or virtually impossible for many.

Pro-Metabolic nutrition and this program will break the viscous cycle for those caught in low calorie or low-carb eating patterns. Being able to eat more food without putting on weight is healthy and quite liberating. Calories are increased in a balanced, gentle way each week to help change metabolic set point without putting on any body fat. Many people find that as they start to eat more pro-thyroid food their metabolism increases and they start to get leaner. By the end of this 8-week program you will be eating an additional 400-500 calories a day which is in more than 3000 calories additional a week.

We are constantly seeing women get leaner as they eat more of the right food in the right combinations. Your body will become more balanced; less stressed and has more nutrients available. Fat loss is supported and not forced.

Using this strategy, the body can burn fat from a healthy, fast metabolic state, and not rely on stressful metabolically damaging cardio. No cardio, more energy and a greater looking body.

When metabolism and hormones are unbalanced, energy will be low and results are difficult to achieve. Women are likely to experience bloating, digestive issues, cellulite, cravings, low body temperatures, disrupted sleep, the feeling of being down and blah, and sadly, despite eating low calories/carbs plus doing a pile of exercise, it will become a struggle to drop body fat. This is not a way to live life.

The meal plans in this program are based entirely on pro-thyroid gland supporting food. Food that will help up-regulate metabolic rate, balance estrogen and progesterone and reduce cortisol. Pro-Metabolic nutrition is balanced nutrition that will supply your body with energy and nutrients, its food that tastes great, food that is nourishing and food that heals. These plans are easy to digest, will reduce boating, inflammation, improve sleep and reduce cravings.


Fat loss favours a hormonally balanced body and a healthy and fast metabolism. Most of our clients get leaner when they start to eat MORE of the RIGHT foods and reduce excess cardio. Balanced hormones with a fast metabolism arethe greatest weapon in the tool kit for fat loss and vitality. These factors make the entire nutrition experience so much easier. When metabolism is fast, energy is high, hormones are balanced, and cravings, bloating and cellulite become a thing of the past. Mood is elevated, sleep is refreshing and life feels so much better.

This program focuses on improving metabolism and balancing hormones. It sets the scene for the body to deliver the results without deprivation, down-regulating metabolism or destroying hormones. This plan will see you eating more, healthier, happier and changing body composition.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Pro-Metabolic Hormone Balancing Program for me?

This program is perfect for anyone struggling to get lean due to either a slow metabolism or hormonal imbalances. Hormonal factors can interfere with your ability to lose weight. Excess estrogen has an impact onyour lower body, especially cellulite in thighs and glutes in women.

This program is recommended for anyone that has hit a weight loss plateau or is caught in the cycle of low calorie, low carbohydrate eating.

This plan will also work a treat for those that struggle with low energy, fat loss, bloating, hormonal issues and digestive issues.

The rewards will be rewarding when time is spent balancing hormonesto improvehealth and metabolism. This program is designed to retrain the body to eat and metabolise more. Effortless fat loss will result once the body has been primed. The best results are achieved when fat loss is supported and rather than forced.

Interestingly, we find that many people lose bodyfat whilst eating this plan as metabolism increasing, and their body is no longer under stress from out of balanced hormones.

Hormonal balance is both complex and multi-dimensional. Whilst there is no one simple answer,Pro-Metabolic nutrition based on the research of endocrinologists, is a scenically, results proven strategy. Lifestyle factors, environmental factors, sleep; sunlight and skincare regimes all have an impact upon hormonal balance. Nutrition is very often is the main piece of the puzzle.

What are the symptoms of excess estrogen?

The symptoms associated with excess estrogen are:

  • Reduced metabolic rate and reduced fat burning despite exercise and low calorie diets.
  • Weight that is gained easily.
  • Difficulty losing fat from thighs and glutes.
  • Cellulite.
  • Reduced energy and feeling of fatigue.
  • Waking and not feeling refreshed.
  • Bloating.
  • Food intolerances such as dairy and gluten.
  • Cravings for sweet food and carbohydrates.
  • Increase pigmentation of skin.
  • Decrease elasticity of skin.
  • Lower body temperature.
  • Increased risk to some cancers.
  • Impaired learning ability.
  • Increased edema and bloating.
  • Energy slumps including fatigue.
  • Cyclic insomnia.
  • Highly emotional mood swings.
  • Depression and anxiety and just feeling blah.
  • Formation of varicose veins.
  • PMS, headaches and irregular menstrual cycles.
How do I choose which calorie range to start on?

We have created these meal plans to work for EVERYONE. This is NOT a one-size program designed to fit all. No two people are the same and we all have different metabolic set points. This is what sets our meal plans apart from all the generic meal plans available online. Most plans make the assumption that that everyone can metabolise the same amount of food and designs the programs around everyone eating the same number of calories. Our programs are designed to work with you and your current metabolic rate. Everyone is different and no two people’s metabolisms are the same. If you are used to eating 1200 calories and performing cardio and were to start a nutrition plan eating 3000 calories, you will risk putting on fat.
To achieve the greatest success we want you to commence your Pro-Metabolic plan eating a similar calorie range as you currently do.

By personalising your starting point, we will be able help you to achieve greater success, both with stripping fat and ensuring your metabolism and hormones stays healthy.

We encourage you to take a moment to calculate APPROXIMATELY how many calories on average you eat a day. ProComp uses a free calculator called MyFitnessPal.
It is easily downloaded as an app on a mobile device or via computer.

Use this link to quickly create a free account. You will need an email address, a password and just some basic information about your weight and goals. Input a general day of food that you eat to get an approximate idea of how many calories you consume each day and then choose the plan as close to this as possible.

Alternatively, here is a rough guide to help choose your calorie starting point.

Hormone balancing starting calories. NOTE – myfitnesspal calculations are more accurate than these notes. These notes are a rough guide to assist calculating daily calorie intake.
1100 calories

Recommended for women over 35;

  • Eating very, very low calories.
  • Eating only 2-4 meals a day.
  • Eating no or minimal carbohydrates.
  • Suitable for women that put on weight easily.
  • Have excess cellulite and fat around hips, butt and thigh.
  • Previously suffered PCOS or other digestive issues.

If these conditions do not apply, then choose a higher calorie start plan.

1220 calories

Recommended for women over 35;

  • Eating low calories.
  • Irregular eating habits.
  • Eating no or minimal carbohydrates.
  • Suitable for women that put on weight easily.
  • Have excess cellulite and fat around hips, butt and thigh.
  • Previously suffered PCOS or other digestive issues.
  • Bloating is also likely to be a significant factor.
  • Constantly feeling fatigued.
  • Issues with sleep waking frequently and not waking refreshed.

If these conditions do not apply, then choose a higher calorie start plan.

1350 calories

Recommended for women over 35;

  • Not eating regularly.
  • Eating a low carbohydrate nutrition plan.
  • Bloating is a significant issue.
  • Feelings of depression, feeling flat, blah or just unmotivated.
  • Constantly feeling fatigued and tired.

If these conditions do not apply, then choose a higher calorie start plan.

1470 calories

Recommended for women over 35;

  • That experience stubborn weight loss.
  • Women with hormonal issues.
  • Performing medium cardio.
  • Not eating regularly.
  • Eating a low carbohydrate nutrition plan.
  • Experience stubborn weight loss.
  • Experience unstable moods, energy and motivation.
1530 calories

Recommended for all women;

  • Dieting for long periods of time with no fat-loss results.
  • That struggle to add lean muscle.
1530 calories

Recommended for all women;

  • Dieting for long periods of time with no fat-loss results.
  • That struggle to add lean muscle.
1600 calories

Women over 35;

  • Eating a balanced nutrition plan.
  • Struggle with metabolic and hormonal issues.
  • Find it difficult to achieve the desired results.
1730 calories

Recommended for women under 35;

  • Eating a balanced nutrition plan.
  • Struggle with metabolic and hormonal issues.
  • Find it difficult to achieve the desired results.
1870 calories

Recommended for Men over 40;

  • Eating very, very low calories.
  • Eating only 2-4 meals a day.
  • Eating no or minimal carbohydrates.
  • Performing significant cardio.

Recommended for all women;

  • Eating a balanced nutrition plan.
  • Very active without gaining fat or losing weight.
  • Good muscle development.
  • Performing significant cardio.
2000 calories

Recommended for men over 40;

  • Not eating regularly.
  • Eating a balanced nutrition plan.
  • Performing medium cardio.

If these conditions do not apply, then choose a higher calorie start plan.

Recommended for all women under 35;

  • Eating a balanced nutrition plan.
  • Very active without gaining fat or losing weight.
  • No issue metabolizing carbs but wants to improve health and hormonal balance.
  • Good muscle development.
  • Regular weight training.
  • No cardio.
2220 calories

Recommended for women;

  • With healthy metabolisms.
  • Eating regular meals 5-6 times per day.
  • Eating a balanced nutrition plan.
  • This plan will spearhead metabolism, hormonal balance, muscle gain and fat loss.
2500 calories

Recommended for men;

  • With healthy metabolisms.
  • Eating regular meals 5-6 times per day.
  • Eating a balanced nutrition plan.
  • Performing no cardio.
  • That regularly weight train and are active.
  • Are in good health.

Recommended for all women;

  • Eating a balanced nutrition plan.
  • Strength train.
  • Are of good health.
  • Have not previously been dieting.
What about cardio?

The higher your current metabolic set point the more effective nutrition alone will be to get you lean. We prefer minimal to no cardio in most cases. When calories are low or your metabolism slow you may need to do a little. The plans will outline whether cardio is recommend each week. It is recommended that cardio be gradually reduced to illustrate the meal plans work on their own. In some instances, a few 35-40 min walks may be recommended in just in the last 2-3 weeks of the program.

What food will I be eating on the Pro-Metabolic fat loss plan?

Each plan is divided into 6 meals - breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and pre-bed snack. There are 2 options for each meal - one simple option and one recipe. The meals are entirely different each week. Best results are achieved when meals are eaten regularly throughout the day. We recommend combining a snack with a main meal when 6 meals cannot be achieved. The meals can be eaten in any order.

Examples of some of the meals and foods on the nutrition plans are as follows:

  • Seafood, white rice, coconut oil and ripe tropical fruit.
  • Pot set Greek yoghurt with cinnamon stewed apples or pears.
  • Cheesy eggs on sour dough with pulp free orange juice.
  • Grass fed beef with white potatoes, butter, pulp free orange juice and gelatin.
  • Fruit smoothie made of frozen tropical fruit, lite milk, gelatin and egg.
  • European hard cheese with ripe tropical fruit.
  • Fruit, dates, dark chocolate and cheese.
  • Prawns and ripe tropical fruit.
  • Grated carrot salad, with coconut oil and raisins.
What if I have food intolerances and issues with dairy?

It’s important to be aware that all our plans contain dairy in the form of cheese, milk and yoghurt. Many lactose intolerant clients find they do not experience issues with quality hard European cheese, as there is no lactase. We also would recommend replacing cow’s milk with an equivalent coconut milk option and coconut based yoghurt.

If you experience more chronic food intolerances, remember these are not personalised plans and you may be best suited to one of our Personalised Custom Nutrition Plans. We get phenomenal results with custom plans as we can design your nutrition specifically for you to suit your needs, your goals, your metabolism, your heath, your likes, dislikes and lifestyle

Click here for more information on Personalized Nutrition Plans.

How is this plan different to other diets?

Pro-Metabolic nutrition is different to any traditional weight loss plan. We eat Pro-Thyroid quality food to increase metabolism. A fast metabolism will allow you to burn fat easier and quicker, add good quality muscle, sleep better and look better. Your skin and hair will improve, your hormones will be balanced, your mood stable and you will not experience PMS, bloating, cravings, and inflammation or digestive issues.

Fat loss actually favours a faster metabolism.

Traditional weight loss diets drop the kilos often by extremedieting, starving, over-exercising or stressing your body. This works until it stops working. This strategy also has a huge cost to health and metabolism. Our plan focus on losing fat healthily and easily by increasing the rate at which your body burns energy.

This plan will also train your body to eat MORE of the right food, so in PHASE 1 each week your calories will gradually increase. Let the results speak for themselves. We find that as metabolism and health increases, as does fat loss. When the body is not stressed, not deprived and is not starving, then it no longer has to stay in survival mode where it holds onto all calories as stored body fat.

Traditional diets cut carbohydrates and restrict natural sugars. Pro-Metabolic Nutrition acknowledges that the right carbohydrates are our primary energy source and natural simple sugars are one of the best ways to increase thyroid hormone conversions. All of our meal plans include simple sugars such as pulp free orange juice, ripe tropical fruit and raw honey.

As you will hear us say…. fat loss favours a fast metabolism.

How are the meal plans delivered and what do I get when I purchase them?

The ProComp pro-metabolic meal plan programs are online programs that will be emailed once purchased. A hardbound copy of the meal plan manual can be posted for an additional postage fee.
The Meal plans include:

  • Your 8-week program overview and notes about what you can expect.
  • A new nutrition plan for each week of the program. Each week’s plan has two meal options for each meal – a simple, easy to prepare meal and a meal and accompanying recipe for add budding chefs. Calories are adjusted strategically each week progressing through the program.
  • ProComp’s Pro-Metabolic program notes. We teach you about the thyroid gland and metabolism from Dr. Peat’s research. The notes cover how to up-regulate metabolism, improve lifestyle, identify hormonal factors that impact fat loss and illustrate the Pro-thyroid specific food and nutrients that positively influence effect metabolism, fat loss and hormonal balance.
  • Food selection guide. This includes food swap suggestions. A pro-thyroid food table and a table of anti-thyroid food that are the foods to be avoided.
  • A simple test you can do at home to measure your thyroid gland functioning. You will be provided with the information on how to do this and how the results are interpreted.
  • The ProComp Progress Review Sheets. This is the actual form that is used with our athletes and nutrition clients to monitor and assess progress. We encourage you to complete this when you commence your plan and then again every week so you can track and monitor your progress.
  • Online Review sheet. This form can be downloaded to request a ProComp coach to analyse and review your progress at any stage during the program.
What do I get if I upgrade to the complete package for an additional $29.95

This is a great deal to take advantage of. For an additional $29.95 you will receive $75 worth of bonuses.

Simply select the complete package at the checkout and choose your bonus products.

  • Choose any 2 E-books of your choice.
  • Choose any 3 training plans of your choice.

This will provide you with all the information, tools, research and training necessary for success. Everything needed is at your fingertips to create a great looking, healthy body and a chiseled physique.

What support is offered?

These are very detailed online only meal plan programs.
There is no ongoing support or responses to emails around these plans. All literature is provided to achieve success in your online program.

We do have a number of services that can be purchased should there be any questions, need clarification or require one of our coaches to review progress.

ProComp offers the following services:

  • 2 weeks unlimited emailed support - $160.
    This can be requested at any time during your program. Responses to emails are generally within 24-48hrs during normal business hours Monday – Friday.
    This service is quite beneficial when commencing your plan. This is available to purchase at the checkout or from our store.
  • Online review – $90.
    This can be requested at any time during your program. It is useful should you feel stuck, unsure or your results are not as great as expected.
    We use the review system with our scheduled nutrition clients and ProComp athletes. It works fantastically well to ensure that progress and results are as good as they can be.
    This is available to purchase from our online store.
I am NOT an athlete and don’t train at a gym.

Whilst this program has been written by coaches and researchers Cheryl Leigh (a professional figure athlete) and Blair Loveday, (an international bodybuilder), it has been designed with EVERYONE in mind and is not focused on bodybuilders and competitors.

It does not matter if you have never stepped foot inside a gym or if you are a seasoned athlete. As international athletes, we have learnt the art of shedding body fat and weight healthily without sacrificing energy and vitality. We do this using a Pro-Metabolic nutrition approach whilst remaining healthy with our metabolism firing. This will work whether you train or not.

We do maintain however, to create a great looking body requires weight training to chisel and shape your physique and as such we accompany this program with weight training programs.

The nutrition system on its own works if fat loss, improved metabolism, hormonal balance and greater health are your goals.

What about training?

To create a great looking body, we recommend a weight-training program to accompany your nutrition plan. As mentioned above Pro-Metabolic nutrition on its own will still help you achieve fat loss, and greater health, but to create a tight, chiseled physique then weight training is essential.

If you purchase the COMPLETE UPGRADE at checkout, for an additional $29.95 you get to select 2 e-books AND your choice of 3 TRAINING PROGRAMS.

Select either the beginning, intermediate or advanced training plan according to where you are at, print it off, take it with you to the gym, record your results and let the magic begin.

ProComp Training Programs

LEVEL Beginner
(3 days weight training)
  • 2 day strength training
  • 3 day full body
  • 3 day body part splits
  • 3 day volume training
LEVEL Intermediate
(4 days weight training)
  • Full body chisel
  • 4 day strength and conditioning
  • 4 day GVT
  • 4-day synergistic superset programs
  • Superset for size and conditioning
  • 4 day volume training
LEVEL Advanced
(5 days weight training)
  • Body part splits
  • 5 day strength and conditioning
  • 5 day GVT
  • Pro Figure 5 days
  • PRO stage ready
  • Density Training with leg focus
  • Pro Results cyclic plan
  • 5 x 5 muscle gains
  • Undulating periodisation cycle
  • Continuous gains
How soon can I expect to see results?

Most people experience results within the first few days and definitely within a week.

Results come in a variety of forms and great results are not just about a number on the scales. Depending upon how you were eating prior to starting this plan, it is common to initially have more energy, sleep better, feel less anxious or stressed, feel an improved sense of happiness and mood, have greater clarity, focus and be more productive. You are now providing your body with the fuel it needs for energy and you will function on a number of fronts so much better.

It is also common within the first few days to one week, to reduce bloating and improve digestion. Pro-Metabolic Nutrition focuses foods that are easily digestible, to experience less and less of the negative symptoms associated with PMS, be able to train with more intensity and due to the increased carbs, recover better from training.

It is also highly likely that within the first few days you will reduce or totally eliminate any cravings for sweet sugary foods. As Pro-Metabolic nutrition uses simple sugars as an energy source, we find that when you supply your body with what it needs it no longer craves it.

Most people as they transition to a Pro-Metabolic nutrition framework will experience immediate fat loss. This is not always our immediate goal though and on the boost and shred and hormonal balancing plans we are working towards increasing metabolic rate, hormonal balance and overall health and wellbeing. It is very common to eat more, increase metabolism rate and still get leaner during all of these programs.

Some people take several weeks to months to improve basal temperatures.

As this is a hormonally balancing nutrition plan symptoms associated with estrogen dominance will start to improve. This is a gradual process. If you can improve lifestyle factors (stress, sleep, toxic products, reducing chemicals), reduce PUFA’s and improve thyroid gland functioning you will achieve success in reducing/eliminating cellulite and achieving linear legs. When Cheryl committed to changing her lifestyle and adapting to a Pro-Metabolic Nutritional plan – it took her 2 years to totally eliminate ALL cellulite. You will find libido quickly improves along with fertility and reproductive health.

*** If you are not getting the results you desire, please contact us for a review. This plan is based upon human physiology and the human endocrine systems and as such it works for everyone.

I want to learn more.

As with everything, the more you learn how food impacts your health, hormones and body the faster you will spearhead your results.

We encourage you to constantly learn. We have done the research and the work and written several comprehensive E-books covering the nutrition, the science, the strategies, the mindset, the training, and backing this up with the research on how this impacts hormones, health and body composition. Creating great looking bodies is our business.

If you purchase the COMPLETE UPGRADE for only $29.95 at checkout you can choose any two of these books (along with any 3 training plans). Learning about Pro-Metabolic nutrition, improving your mindset will help set the scene for your ultimate success.

View our ProComp eBooks

  • ProComp's Pro-Metabolic Nutrition system
  • 100 ProComp Contest Prep secrets – what every competitor needs to know about pro-metabolic nutrition, training, mindset, hormones and muscle gain.
  • The Unbeatable mind – 50 powerful mindset strategies for focus, discipline and motivation.
What if I don’t like the food and want my money back?

As this is an online program, you will immediately receive the meal plans and associated notes. This is not a physical product that you can return; therefore we do not offer money back.

What supplements do you recommend?

We do not recommend any supplements apart from Gelatin.

We recommend all Australian clients purchase this as an integral component for the Pro-Metabolic nutrition plan.

Find ProComp Gelatin Here

Gelatin is a collagen protein derived from beef hide or pork skin and bone. Unlike protein from pure muscle meat it contains none of the inflammatory, thyroid suppressing amino acids tryptophan or cysteine. The main amino acids in gelatin are glycine and proline, which are protective, detoxifying, stress reducing, and pro-thyroid. The balance of amino acids in our body significantly impacts thyroid health (metabolism), inflammation, degeneration, hormonal balance and ageing. Gelatin is recommended to take with all meals containing animal muscle protein.

Many of the women we have worked with have found gelatin integral in repairing cellulite, skin elasticity issues, gut health, weak pelvic floor issues and a host of other hormone-associated issues.

Your Pro-Metabolic nutrition meal plans specifies gelatin with every meal with muscle meat as a large component of the nutritional framework. It is recommend you purchase your hydrolysate Gelatin in advance in preparation for your plan. We recommend hydrolysate Beef Gelatin only.

For those residing outside of Australia Great Lakes Gelatin is our next choice.

I do not like E-books. Can I purchase the meal plans as a hardbound manual?

Absolutely. There is an option at checkout to purchase the meal plans as a bound manual, fill in your address details and we will post it to you.


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