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Client Journeys


34 years. Mother of 2. Beauty Therapist. Deaf (courageous) I have travelled the world with Blair and Cheryl as part of their ProComp team.  I competed in Mexico, and Singapore in 2017, and New Zealand, Sydney and Germany in 2018.   This has been an amazing experience and I’m so thankful for the opportunities to travel…

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24 years. Student. Australian. When I contacted Cheryl, well I was overweight.  This was so frustrating as I was hardly eating any food, maybe 900 calories a day, yet I could not budge my weight I had previously done a bikini model comp using a traditional low cal and high cardio approach and suffered such…

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24 YEARS. OFFICE WORKER Even though Im young, Ive always struggled with cellulite and being estrogen dominant Even though I’m young I’ve always struggled with cellulite and excess fat on my thighs.   I have always been prone to being estrogen dominant,  I have spent so many years on diets and as a result I ended…

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45 YEAR. WIFE. MOTHER OF 4 BOYS. REIKI HEALER. REAL ESTATE AGENT. AUSTRALIAN. To be honest I’ve struggled my entire life with my weight, digestion issues and bowel health.  I’ve ALWAYS eaten well and ALWAYS worked hard.  WE have a busy life and lots to juggle.    I have struggled my entire life and tried everything…

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55 years. Shift Worker. Australian I was originally the support crew for my beautiful partner and wife Lee who engaged Cheryl and later ProComp to look after her nutrition and training. Both Lee and I loved the gym, training and how it made us look and feel. I watched my lovely wife commit to the…

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40 years PRO Bikini Model. Thai. Mother of 2 and business owner. I won my PRO card in the Bikini model division in 2017 at the Ms Galaxy International where I represented Thailand.  At this show I met the ProComp team and Cheryl and Blair.   They are really passionate about what they do and they…

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51 years. Mother and wife. Business Owner I had followed Cheryl’s posts for a while before I finally contacted her.  At the age of 50 I decided to do my first competition.    I knew from what I had read that I didn’t want to ruin my metabolism and that I had to be careful of…

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26 years . AMERICAN. EX-DEFENCE FORCE. PHOTOGRAPHER I met Cheryl back stage at a show in Los Angeles and was blown away by her enthusiams, passion and her love for her clients.  We immediately clicked – as we share a similar energy and positive outlook. So when it was next time for me to do…

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35 Years. Belgium. Gym Manager What an amazing journey this has been so far!    15 years of dedication, focus, training and monitoring my nutrition.  I really thought I had reached my potential physically and mentally….and I was wrong. Halfway through January Cheryl approached me to consider competing in March at the WFF Pro-Am Inter continental…

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