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ProComp International

ProComp International are passionate about working with everyone to improve health, metabolism and create a great looking body.

We love researching, writing and working with people…. whether that is to lose a few kilos, feel great in a bikini, reduce bloating, increase energy, sleep better, improve focus and mood………all the way through to our other passion, contest preparation. We also love coaching first time body models through to professional body athletes.

No matter your goal, we have the knowledge and expertise, the meal plans or training programs to ensure they are achieved.

Our Pro-metabolic meal plans are based on the documented and published research of leading U.S endocrinologist, Dr. Ray Peat. Our nutritional approach prioritises health and hormonal balance as a healthy, fast metabolism and body will achieve greater results with less effort than a stressed and damaged body.

We invite you to read through our blogs and scroll through our website. There is so much to learn (or relearn). So whether it’s an online meal plan program, a personalised nutrition plan, or being coached by us as part of a ProComp Comp team, we’d love to share what we have learnt with you. It doesn’t have to be hard. If you eat the right foods in the right combinations, creating a great looking, healthy body is an enjoyable and effortless experience. All you have to do now is start.



Formerly an executive in a medical laboratory, Blair left his corporate role in 2013 to work in the health and fitness industry to form ProComp.

Blair is an accomplished and experienced athlete, coach and judge spanning a career of nearly 30 years.

As an athlete, Blair has won multiple Mr. state titles, an overall National champion and has competed as an international athlete numerous times. He has competed in both open class and height and weight categories, in over 60 shows.

After a sabbatical of nearly 7 years, Blair returned to the stage and competition in 2018. Blair also holds the prestigious position as the WFF International Pro Director and travels the world to promote health, fitness, ProComp International and WFF International globally.

Blair is a straight shooter, logical, and is results and measured with his coaching.

The ProComp coaches bring an element of difference and they also compliment each other when working for the best results for you.

*Significant Competition History

2018 – 2nd Nabba Mr. Southern Hemispheres, Gold Coast AUSTRALIA

2010 – 3rd Superbodies WFF Mr Universe Katerini GREECE

2009 –3rd Superbodies WFF Mr Universe Petersberg GERMANY

2008 – 4th Extreme body WFF World championships Petersberg GERMANY

2007 –8th Superbodies Northelm GERMANY

2006 – 3rd Superbodies WFF Mr Universe Dornbirn AUSTRAIA

2005 –2nd Superbodies WFF Mr Universe Hameln GERMANY

2004 – 1st and overall WFF Mr Australia AUSTRALIA

2004 – 1st and overall WFF Mr Victoria AUSTRALIA

2004 – 2nd WFF super-bodies Southern Hemispheres AUSTRALIA


20 quick and easy lifestyle and nutrition hacks to create a great looking, healthy body!

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