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Archive for September 2018

How to Get flat Mid-Section

Eating Pro-Metabolic Nutrition and balancing my hormones has helped me get that flat midsection I have forever desired. It’s not always about gluten or lactose. When I improved my hormone balance I improved my bloating. 1. I minimise stress. Cortisol directly impacts hormones. 2. I use natural organic skin care and cleaning products with no…

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My Body is My Business

Body shaming is body shaming – whether its because of weight, having muscles or whatever on earth is deemed not the norm. I posted this picture yesterday, with a blog about nutrition, and 14 critical and mocking comments were posted about my shape, femininity and muscularity. Really? Come on peeps! (they have since been deleted…

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10 Things That can Happened When My Metabolism Slowed Down

The lowest point in my life corresponded when my metabolism slowed down, and I gained weight after a period of extended dieting and stress. I was not happy, and I certainly did not feel great. With the help of Pro-Metabolic nutrition I was able to get a new lease of life, energy, excitement, health and…

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